Saturday, June 21, 2014

James Kiehl River Bend Park/SA&AP Bridge (Comfort/Kendall County)

"Anyone conducting an investigation in or right around James Kiehl River Bend Park may very well record any of the anomalies typically associated with reputedly haunted places, such as orbs, inexplicable mists, or even EVPs. They are not likely, however, to get much of a sense for whether they are detecting the spiritual presence of Paleo-Indians, Apaches, Comanches, conquistadores, settlers, the shingle-makers who had a camp nearby, or soldiers from the 19th or 21st centuries. There are also at least four small cemeteries dating at least as far back as the 1800s in the vicinity of the park. It is the old railroad bridge a short distance from the recreational area, however, that most ghosthunters will intuitively be drawn to." 

That is one of the paragraphs in my chapter on James Kiehl River Ben Park and the nearby SA&AP Bridge, located just east of the village of Comfort in Kendall County, Texas. This chapter explores the possibility that this might be the famous and elusive "Tro Bridge" that is frequently mentioned in ghostly lore about the San Antonio area. Veteran James Kiehl was part of the 507th Engineering Company and a colleague of soldier Jessica Lynch, famed for her rescue from Iraqi forces by U.S. military special operations troops. 

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