Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Comanche Lookout Park (Northeast San Antonio)

"Although one of San Antonio's smaller municipal parks, 96-acre Comanche Lookout Park has the sense of being a microcosm and frequently seems more isolated than it really is despite being surrounded by major roads, shopping plazas, and housing developments. Those who visit it during normal business hours are likely to get an accentuated sense of this and, other than a few headphone-wearing people who jog by wraithlike and without acknowledgement, are likely to have the place pretty much to themselves. That, of course, can be the best way to explore and appreciate this profoundly historical site, to investigate the legends associated with it, and to possibly come into contact with some of the many ghosts who have long been believed to haunt it. And, as strange and haunting as it might feel on its face to the casual visitor or ghosthunter, an investigation of its history will reveal some genuinely strange things about it." 

This is the  first paragraph for the chapter on Comanche Lookout Park that I wrote for Ghosthunting San Antonio, Austin, and Texas Hill Country! It is a very mysterious and interesting site and, as I learned more and more about it, became the basis for the largest chapter in the book. 



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