Saturday, June 28, 2014

Crockett Hotel (Downtown San Antonio)

"One of the oldest hospitality establishments in San Antonio, the historic Crockett Hotel is also one of the most haunted and has a wealth of ghostly lore and paranormal phenomena associated with it. When one considers where it is located, of course, this is not overly surprising. The Crocket Hotel is right across the street from the Alamo, is located on the grounds of the battle that centered on it, and can often be spotted in photos of the famous mission or news stories about it. It is, in fact, believed to be built on the very spot where David Crockett and the last of the Alamo defenders were killed, on what had been the southeast palisade of the fortified mission. Crockett was one of at least 189 Texian revolutionaries who were ultimately overrun and killed by some 1,800 Mexican troops under the command of General Antonio López de Santa Anna at the end of a 13-day battle that ended on March 6, 1836." 

That is opening paragraph to my chapter on the historic and haunted Crockett Hotel for Ghosthunting San Antonio, Austin, and Texas Hill Country! Legends and more recent tragic events combine to make this an exceptionally interesting site and one anyone interested in the Alamo in particular will not want to miss (and the photo below shows the proximity of the hotel to the walls of the mission compound). 


  1. I am interested in possible sightings at the Crocket. On a recent trip there, my daughter claims to have been visited at around 1 am. She was so distraught that we left the hotel shortly after. She gave me a description of the fellow standing at the end of the bed. I'm just curious if it matches any other sightings at this location. Any info would be appreciated 😊