Thursday, July 10, 2014

Alamodome (Downtown San Antonio)

"When one considers what sorts of places are most likely to be haunted they might not necessarily think of large, public, relatively new structures like event arenas constructed during the past two or three decades. But almost everything is built where other things with their own histories used to be and on ground that may have already been sites of spiritual activity and even places that are the brightest under the best of conditions sometimes have dark pasts of their own. And, short of a battlefield, there are perhaps few places where so many people congregate in one place and express such strong emotions as at a sports stadium. It should thus not be too surprising that people have over the years reported so much paranormal activity at the Alamodome." 

That is the opening paragraph to my chapter on the Alamodome for Ghosthunting San Antonio, Austin, and Texas Hill Country! Incidents at the stadium that some people believe contribute to it being haunted include the hideous death of daredevil Randy Hill in 1993, who was killed when the top of his car was sheared off by another driver. 

"A stunt driver was killed Saturday night when the top of his car was sheared off during a planned midair collision gone awry," the Associated Press reported on November 15, 1993. "His wife and three-year-old son watched from the audience. Randy Hill, 49, of Phoenix died instantly when his car was struck by another car driven by daredevil Spanky Spangler, who was not injured, organizers said. Hill retired from stunt driving eight years ago and only recently decided to do the stunt at the two-day San Antonio Thrill Show at the Alamodome. The two cars were supposed to meet head-on at 50 mph. Organizers did not immediately know what went wrong. The rest of the show was canceled after the accident." 


  1. I remember this like yesterday, I remember the actual news footage which was actually traumatizing to watch as a kid. I remember Randy's car rolling to a stop after the roof was cut off and the people down on the ground running up to his car afterwards and turning their heads after they saw his body. They didn't actually show the body but I think I remember the news people saying that Randy got decapitated.

  2. I remember that show it was my first time ever going to a monster jam I was 17 yrs old it took me a long time to go back and see another show now I go with my son I can still hear the crush every time I go RIP Randy